Ignore UN Rights of Self-Determination of West Papua, at Jamin The UN Charter

Given July 14, 2014 the formation of the Atlantic Charter, this article was written for the UN and UN member states to recall kemabli Papua issue, a victim of the Atlantic Charter, but because kelaim Indonesia over West Papua. Until now, the fate of Papuans under Indonesian colonial government, are suffering, Murder, Kidnapping, imprisonment and deprivation of ancestral Papuan natural resources.

Very bad evil thing against the people of the nation of Papua Indonesia. Papuan demands for self-determination are ignored, by the UN and Indonesia.

Here is a brief history of the Atlantic Charter:

During World War II, a series of conference conducted ally countries to discuss the new world was formed after the war. The first conference was conducted off the coast of Newfoundland on July 14, 1941. Currently the President of the United States, FD Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill issued a statement that came to be known as Atnlantic Charte (Charter Atalantik). Below are the main points of the Atlantic Charter.

     Every state and the nation is not justified to territorial expansion.
     every country has the right to self-determination.
     each State is entitled to participate in International trade
     Every State has the right to create peace of the world and deserves a chance to live free from fear and kemisakinan.
     each State disputes peacefully resolve disputes.

Based on 2 points above the Atlantic Charter, the Netherlands prepares for independence of West Papua. It turns out that independence does not happen, because they kelaim Indonesia with the cooperation of the UN and the United States, the United Nations should form perwalihan in Papua but not implemented, then it still has to struggle to be free from Indonesian occupation.

The right of self-determination of the people and nation of West Papua, guaranteed human rights law (HAM) International and National. Rights of Papuan independence silenced by Indonesia and the United Nations. Fifty Countries involved in the signing of the Atlantic Charter did not appreciate the demands of self-determination of the people and the people of West Papua.

At least 50 members who signed the original UN Charter in San Francisco, dated June 26, 1945 support, the right of self-determination of the people and the people of West Papua. Indonesia is one of the member states of the UN. Indonesia became the 60th member of the United Nations in 1959, after the signing of the United Nations Charter in San Freansisco. Indonesia is not a member of the original UN, Indonesia including additional members consist of members that after the signing of the UN Charter.

Indonesia out of the UN membership, on January 1, 1965. Due confrontation with Malaysia. Indonesian then rejoin on September 28, 1966, up to now as a member of the UN. Indonesian least respect the UN Charter and the release of Indonesian Papua. Of the region gografis, race, culture and language are operatively with Indonesia, Papua has the right to independence brought Indonesian law and the UN Charter.

People Papuan people become victims of the UN Charter, the UN Charter because by the time it was called the League of Nations (LBB) issued the Atlantic Charter. The basic set-up with the Dutch State embryos West Papua (West New Guinea). But the New York Agreement 1962 agreement teransfer administration of West Papua to Indonesia happened.

Indonesian rekomedasi ignore the United States to form a UN Trusteeship territory of West New Guinea on April 6, 1961.'s Principal points of the contents of the U.S. proposal.

     A. Establishment of the United Nations trusteeship for West New Guinea to make the government of Malaya guardian with full power and authority to administer the territory.
     B. The composition of the consortium of countries to support the mandate of Malaya with personnel and funds. The consortium may include countries that have interested and friendly personnel and the means to help. Obviously it would be necessary to obtain approval from the Dutch, Indonesian and Malay in the first instance, as well as the members of the proposed consortium.

Does not respect the UN Charter point 2 of the "right of self-determination", this is where the problem is not the form of a trust, then the Papuan people become victims to this day.

At least the United Nations must respect the right of self-determination of the people of West Papua at that time. Under the UN Charter Article 76: The basic objective of the trusteeship system, in accordance with the Purposes of the United Nations set out in Section 1 of this Charter, shall be:

     to further international peace and security;
     to promote the progress of political, economic, social, and educational beliefs of the region's population, and their progressive development towards self-government or independence that is possible according to the particular circumstances of each territory and the community and freely expressed wishes of the peoples concerned, and as may be provided by the terms of each trusteeship agreement;
     to encourage respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion, and to encourage recognition of the interdependence of people in the world; and
     to ensure equal treatment in social, economic, and commercial for all members of the United Nations and their country, and also equal treatment for the latter in the administration of justice, without prejudice achievement of the above objective and subject to the provisions of Article 80.

West Papua is a region where resistance occurs among countries in World War II. Pelawanan between the Netherlands, Japan and the United States. The UN also does not respect the territory that became a victim here as a result of World War II and the area by the Netherlands government's mandate is to become an independent state. The definition of the United Nations does not respect the right of self-determination of the people of West Papua is Article 77 of the UN Charter:

1. Guardianship system applicable to the region in the following categories as may be placed under it by way of a trust agreement:

a. territories now held under mandate;

b. areas that can be detached from enemy states as a result of the Second World War; and

c. territories voluntarily placed under the system by states responsible for their administration.

2.'s Going to be a matter for subsequent agreement for the region in the above categories will be brought under the trusteeship system and in accordance with any requirements.

First after administration transef Papua to Indonesian territory. Idonesia above has violated the UN Charter, other international regulations such as the case of freedom of expression is also silenced in Papua. Especially violate the International Covenant On Civil and Political Ricghts (ICCPR). Because the UN General Assembly should expel Indonesia from the United Nations membership, based on Article 6 of the UN Charter.

UN to remind the West Papua region of dispute resolution should be resolved peacefully by pacific penjelesaian dispute according to UN Charter Article 33.

1. The parties to the dispute, the continuation of which is likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace and security, shall, first of all, seek a solution by negotiation, inquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, regional agencies or arrangements, or how-other peaceful means of their own choice.

2. Security Council shall, when it deems necessary, call upon the parties to settle their dispute by such means.

As per Article 33 of the UN Charter, the people and the nation of Papua penjelesaian dispute to self-determination through free elections or (referendum). Therefore, upon request of the UN itself should take to complete a rare fast.

By Yasons Sambom

West Papua Independence Activist  Jayapura Papua

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