photos of the 5 youths brutally stabbed and tortured by the Indonesian police recently in Nabire, West Papua

We are very sorry to show you more photos of the 5 youths brutally stabbed and tortured by the Indonesian police recently in Nabire, West Papua

We received an urgent message from West Papua that a few days ago in West Papua, 5 innocent people, including an 18 year old boy were stabbed with bayonets and brutally tortured by the Indonesian police mobile brigade (BRIMOB) in Nabire.

We have been sent a human rights report of the issue by witnesses.
Only 3 of the men received some medical treatment for their wounds.

Photo: Nicolas Somau was stabbed with a bayonet directly in his back and had 38 stitches in hospital after having to leave.

His treatment was watched by Indonesian intelligence.

The details of those confirmed tortured are as follows:
1. Name: Nicolaus Somau
Age: 23 years
Injuries: Stabbed directly in the back with a bayonet at 23:00 in Nabire.
Date: March 14t 

2. Name: Gilion Somau
Age: 28 years
Injuries: Stabbed above the eye with a bayonet whilst in a police cell. Hands and fingers torn after being stabbed with a bayonet leaving 3 scars. Driven over by police truck 3-4 times.
Date: March 14th 

3. Name: Jerry Somau
Age: 18 years
Injuries: Face and nose swollen, mouth "pulled out" and bloodied. Both eyes reddened and swollen.
Date: March 14th 

4. Name: Paul Kobogau
Age: 29 years
Injuries: Stabbed twice, on the right side of the head, and at the back of the dead with stones and a weapon. His whole body is still incredibly painful, especially in the chest.
Date: March 20th 

5 . Name: Siluwanus Nagapa
Age : 24 years
Injuries: Stabbed twice, once in the left side of the head, once stabbed in the spine.
There is blood collecting in his eyes.
Date: March 20th 

According to reports, it seems that the youths, who had been drinking were playing about on motorcycles and the police mobile brigade (BRIMOB) told them to stop playing but the youths asked the police not to disturb them and the police fired a shot. 

There was a verbal confrontation and Nicolaus was stabbed with a bayonet by the police. He fell unconscious. 

After hearing the incident, 2 police trucks and several patrol cars arrived on the scene and began to shoot around the area.

Those present fled in fear of their lives.

According Gilion Somau and Jery Somau, Nicolaus was stabbed outside in the yard.

Gilion was taken in a patrol car by the police to a police detention room. He said it was dark in the room and the police disconnected their bayonet and stabbed him above the left eyebrow.

He said the police wanted to "pry his eye out" but their commander forbade it so they stabbed him again in the head and on his left hand, tearing his hand and fingers and leaving 3 scars.

His body was thrown onto the lawn and he testified that a patrol car was driven over him 3 or 4 times until he was unconscious. 

Sometime that day, Jery Somau was also taken by the police and tortured.
His Face and nose was left swollen, his mouth "pulled out" and bloodied. Both of his eyes were reddened and swollen. 

At the time, Nikolaus was in the courtyard and his blood was seen by a local teacher who took him directly to the Siriwini Nabire Hospital. Doctors cleaned his wound, sewed 38 stitches and left him to sleep however his family did not believe the doctors so he was taken home to be traditionally treated. 

The makers of the report asked Gilion, Jery and Nicolaus whether it was true that they were all drunk in the afternoon. 

Gilion told how he was indeed drunk but not too much and he could control himself.

He said both his younger brothers were not drunk and did not normally drink so police officers saying they were all drunk is not true.

The next day, on March 15, 2014 at 1:30, Gilion and Jery were both freed from custody in their cells and Gilion went directly to the Siriwini Nabire hospital for treatment. The wound above his eyebrows was sewn up and he went home. 

On March 20, 5:00, teacher Paul Kobogau went home to his boarding house ready to take a bath. Suddenly his brother Longinus Kobogau came to the house, drunk and asking for money.

Rp 150 000 was given to Longginus Kobogau who then went to his elder brother Arson's house who gave him Rp 50,000.

He was not satisfied with the total of Rp 200,0000 (18 US dollars) so then went to ask motorcycle taxis for money. It turned out they they in fact belonged to the Indonesian police mobile brigade. 

A few minutes later, 10 members of Brimob arrived with police cars. 

The police asked him no questions, and he received no treatment but Brimob stabbed 2 times in the head and once in the back of his head. He managed to escape and Siluwanus Nakapa, a witness was horrified at this torture. He went to Paul's house to tell Brimob is not uncommon that people get drunk and he did not know why they are doing things like this.

Brimob immediately responded with violence by using a bayonet knife.
They stabbed him twice and he was taken to hospital. 

On March 28, 2014 10:00 Paul Kobogau along with Siluwanus Nakapa came home after over a week in hospital.

Though asked by reporters, the police have still not admitted responsibility for these heinous crime against humanity.

Representatives of all the victims families have stated that the victims were definitely tortured by the police. 

This report was made by Yones Douw, the Investigation and Monitoring Coordinator from the Justice and Peace Synod in Papua (KINGMI)
We have paraphrased and translated it. 

The Free West Papua Campaign fully condemns this evil behaviour by the Indonesian police and we immediately demands justice for the victims and their families and that those guilty be tried for torture and human rights violations. 

Please call or text (SMS) the Head of the Indonesian police in West Papua Tito Karnavia: on +62811161777 and demand in English or Indonesian that he immediately cease such blatant cold blooded murders and all human rights atrocities by his police in illegally Indonesian occupied West Papua.
Please mention this horrific incident.

Let him know that the world is watching him and his crimes against humanity and those of his fellow police and military personnel.
Help to Stop this 21st Century Genocide

We will never give up struggling for the people of West Papua. Every single west Papuan man, woman and child must fully free and safe from such atrocities and safe and this will only happen in a fully free and independent West Papua.

Please help to share these photos widely. Atrocities will only stop when the outside world hears about them.
Thank you very much
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