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Culling Ethnic Melanesia ; Break up the silence History of Violence in West Papua .
" West Papua is a region that is very alarming because the indigenous population in danger of annihilation . " - Mr . Juan Mendez ( UN Secretary General's Special Adviser for Prevention Destruction of Indigenous Peoples ) .
The phenomenon of violence against Clumps Melanesians in West Papua can be classified in violation of Human Rights ( HAM ) in weight . Therefore , violence , intimidation ,exploitation , rape , to murder the indigenous people of West Papua - indigo violate humanitarian values ​​. Abuse is not only physical form of violence , but also shaped the culture of violence , economics , politics , to religion . There is an assumption that the various violence committed by Indonesia against the indigenous population of West Papua is not accidental , but rather a political engineering Indonesian government for control of the island " paradise " is.
Despite the assumption was true or not , that is clear , the magnitude of Indonesia 's desire to take control of West Papua have marginalize and oppress Clumps Melanesia . Today, the existence of ethnic Melanesians in West Papua are threatened extinct ( extinction ) . They have become the number two in his own country ( Indonesia) .
Ironically , since the integration of West Papua into the Republic of Indonesia , the indigenous people of West Papua to be the object of political practice genocide ( ethnic cleansing in a systematic and organized ) Homeland. Various evidence of the violence committed against indigenous Indonesian West Papua presented in this book , is the justification of the practice of culling Clumps of Melanesia by the Indonesian people .
The book, titled DESTRUCTION ethnic Melanesians , Breaking the Silence of Violence in West Papua History written by Socratez Sofyan Yoman , this photograph phenomena of violence against indigenous people of West Papua since the integration of Papua ( May 1, 1963 - present ) into the Homeland. Socratez successfully demonstrated clearly , critically , honest , and transparent cases of violence that became evidence of political practice in a systematic extermination of the race .
The purpose of writing this book , according to Socratez , is to find the right resolution to prevent the sustainability of conflict between Papua and Indonesia . Because the author is a churchman ( Chairman of the Central Board of Fellowship Baptist Churches of Papua ) , it is no wonder , scent - Gejera to late in the language of this book is very thick . However , it does not affect the focus of this book , which vividly and honestly reveal cases of violence committed by the Indonesian people against the indigenous population of West Papua .
Indeed , historically , the existence ( existence ) black people always come second . Stigmas as stupid , poor , disadvantaged , and labeled at their primitive existence indicates that they are under the white man . The implication , black race has always been the victims of violence , unfair treatment , intimidation , murder , rape , slavery , and others . Political African apartheid and violence against Melanesians in West Papua Clumps are two examples of oppression committed by whites against blacks .
According Socratez , in the process of the extermination of indigenous people of Papua , Indonesia has pursued a two-lane major operation that military operations and resettlement operations . Military operations aimed to terrorize , intimidate , oppress , to kill indigenous Papuans who threaten the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia . While the operation was to seize any transmigration owned West Papuans .
In addition , another way to be taken in an attempt Indonesian genocide in West Papua Melanesia is to perform polarization and isolation Clumps Melanesia . By other terms , Indonesia has adopted divide et empera Dutch ever done ( first ) to divide Indonesia . By implementing this policy in West Papua , it means that Indonesia has become a neo - colonialism for the people of Papua .
In this book are described , divide et empera or race - sheep was run by polarization and isolation of indigenous Papuans . The goal is to break their power . In its application , the Papuan people grouped into two contradictory groups , namely " red group vs. the pro - white or pro - dutch Papua" , " beach vs. inland " , " Vs West Irian Jaya province of Papua Province " , Pro - Homeland Vs Pro - Special Autonomy separatist " , etc. . ( p 226 )
Departure of the work done in the framework of Indonesian Papuan extermination and control of the island paradise , then the presence of this book to be very important in order to prevent genocide and political sustainability of the political divide et empera in West Papua . That way , the existence of clumps can be saved from danger Melanesian ethnic cleansing .
As a respected churchman in the environment , Socratez through this book hoping that Indonesia no longer see West Papua with the paradigm of colonialism . Therefore , the paradigm will only break the unity of the Republic of Indonesia and of course detrimental to the people of Papua . If politics and political divide et empera Indonesian genocide is still used for the control of West Papua , the indigenous people of West Papua ( Clumps of Melanesia ) threatened disappeared off the face of the earth . Therefore , the presence of this book that is expected to realize Indonesian West Papua is part of the Homeland and its population is the population of Indonesia .
It's interesting to read this book as thick as 473 pages . In addition to the evidence presented about the violence against the people of West Papua by his own people ( Indonesia ) , this book also offers a solution by writer is believed to break the seal between Indonesia and West Papua .
Finally , the presence of this book may be knocked and opened the door of our hearts ( Indonesia ) , so we knew that clumps of Melanesia , black race in West Papua is our brother ( Malay people , the white race ) that need to be protected . Happy reading !
A book recently banned in Indonesia by the Attorney on the grounds could disrupt public order and cause vulnerability to national unity . A move which considers this nation has never mature in attitude . Penhkajian step should be scientifically sound and polemics .

BY : SIMON Degei

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