Requires Foreign Journalists in West Papua

Telius Yikwa Secretary AMP City Yogyakarta
By : Telius Yikwa #

It has been 15 years running, it turns out reforms have not produced significant changes in order to fulfill human rights, one of which concerns the freedom of expression. According to investigators Institute for the Study and Advocacy (Elsam), Wahyudi Djafar, it is evident from a survey conducted in five provinces Elsam. Namely Jakarta, Yogyakarta, West Sumatra, West Kalimantan and Papua.

There are at least two things are being targeted in the survey. First, do an analysis of regulations issued by the central and local governments. Are there any that inhibit freedom of expression. Second, look at the extent to which the fulfillment of the right to freedom of expression which is implemented by the government. Then, set up a number of survey questions to answer the question that was being targeted(

Are certain of the provinces surveyed. specifically for West Papua is very BAD. Papuan People just do not have the space for freedom.

One example of a case in West Papua:
National Demonstration on July 29, 2013 was dissolved and human rights activists were arrested again . Freedom of citizens to express their opinions publicly beheaded in Papua at the muzzle end of the barrel of a gun .

Dissolution of demonstrations and arrests of human rights activists this time is not much different from the previous demonstrations dissolution in Papua . There is a scenario that is set by Intelkam veiled Papua Police to arrest Papuan human rights activists .

Here is the scenario . On July 25, 2013 , the notice letter was sent by the organizers of the demo demonstration , Mr. Usama Usman Yogobi to Papua Police Headquarters . Part Intelkam Papua Police directed Usman to insert the letter to the Secretary- General ( General Secretary ) Papua Police . During what time of day as a responsible public Usman peaceful demonstration awaiting confirmation back from Papua police , yet there has been no response from the Papua Police over the notification letter has been the inclusion .

On July 29, 2013 , at 08.00 Papua time , Bro . Usman came to Papua police to check Receipt Notification ( STTP ) from Papua Police . ” Papua Police Chief is not in place , then the STTP not be published . Intelkam also can not notice the letter . Demo Have you safe , ” said Yus Maudul , Intelkam Papua police officer , who retold by Usman .

Because part Intelkam Papua police on duty to publish STTP say so , then Usman back to Abepura and Camp Key to coordinate with the device in any peaceful protest rallying point masses .

All mass peace rally rallying point occupied by the police complete with weapons . At 09.00 Papua time at Three Housing Waena , Br. John Selegani , Benny Mote Marthen Hisage and forcibly arrested by armed police at the time they took turns using a megaphone speeches at the gate of Paradise in University Housing Three Waena .

Peaceful protest disbanded and they were arrested with no reason permit a demo of Police . They were tortured , intimidated , and humiliated by the Indonesian police . Marthen Mote is released on the spot , while John and Benny ( both acting as field coordinator ) below to Abepura police for questioning by the police .

Nokens they were seized by the police that contains : mobile phones , ID cards , student cards , books , accounts, leaflets peaceful demonstration , peaceful demonstration pemberitauan mailing archives , a small gospel book . The goods were seized by the police for questioning .

About the arrest and dissolution of peaceful protest in this Waena , reported to the responsible public peaceful protest , Usman . Although police blockade at some point rallying point mass action and arrested two student activists , Usman Yogobi not abundant with police action .

Usman lead mass peaceful protest of 500 people from the hostel Nayak Camp Kei heading to target peaceful action . However , hundreds of police were on standby with full weapons , confront and disperse peaceful mass action that was long march toward Abepura led Usman and Alius .

The police ambush took place in front of the PD’s office at Camp Kei . The mass action was peaceful protest police action . Person in charge ( Usman and Alius ) in coordination with the police and deliver what has been delivered by the Papua Police Intelkam . Usman said : ” I have this morning met with the police and they let Intelkam verbally to our demo today , why did you come here to confront us ” .

However , the police still be hard to disperse peaceful mass action . In the current negotiations , the police arrested Mr. Usama Usman Yogobi under pressure and intimidation by armed police and dragged into trucks police custody .

Mass action does not accept the police action , and urged police to release Usman , but it is not addressed . In those circumstances , it captures Alius Asso then negotiate to ask for Usman released . Underwear and black jacket worn by Alius torn when he was arrested and dragged into trucks police custody .

The situation became chaotic . Mass action agreed to surrender crowded at peak times to be arrested along with the coordinator in charge of general and Field ( Alius ) . Dozens of peaceful mass action scrambled up onto a police truck to surrender . Seeing the incident , police made ​​an agreement with the mass action . The police promised that they would be sent home after questioning. Mass action accepts the deal .

Usman and Alius down to the Jayapura Police Station and peaceful mass action back to the hostel nayak to hold a meeting . During the meeting , decided that about 30 people were sent to the Police station to menangih appointment of police .

In the police investigation in the Police , Usman and Alius asked about the management of Human Rights Law and Democracy Solidarity of Papuan People ( SHDRP ) , in charge of the action and demonstrations , as well as demonstration purposes , nationality , occupation , and so forth .

In the meantime , other human rights activists tried to negotiate with the Jayapura Police Station for an appointment menangih the release of the two human rights activists after both checked .

Finally at 17:25 hours Papua time , the two activists were released after a family party signature submission letter from the Police to the family . The submission letter signed by Mr. Abner Hegemur and Anton Asso .

While John and Benny Selegani Hisage Abepura police checked . Both were released at 15:35 hours Papua time after both provide information related to the peaceful demonstration to the police . Nokens them and their contents that have been confiscated by the police , returned when the two were released from police Abepura .

The demonstration ended with the dissolution and arrest brings Main Demands : ” Papua Nations Urge UN intervention and the States in the world to protect the indigenous people of Papua from Indonesian military threats of violence . Demonstration There are five objectives promoted by SHDRP , namely :
1 ) . Welcoming the delegates Foreign Minister MSG to Papua forum in the near future ;
2 ) . Welcomed the arrival of Secretary for Political Affairs U.S. Embassy who visited Jayapura – Papua on July 29, 2013 ;
3 ) . Supporting meetings in Geneva – Switzerland on the discussion of human rights violations in Papua that has been going on in this July ;
4 ) . Support the Freedom Convoy Frotila who are moving toward Papua ( star point ) of the lake Ayre in Australia ; 5 ) . Supporting the launch of the OPM office in the Netherlands on August 15, 2013 .

A few weeks before performing this action , the purpose of the demonstration has been disseminated through the mass media , both print and electronic media . Because the plan is being focused demonstration Indonesian authorities . The issue that brought the issue is very actual demonstration and heat . Antosias community to join the demonstration . Evidence from several areas in Papua came to Jayapura only to join the rally , for example, people from the islands Serui .

RI does not want to give space for Papuans to campaign in Papua huge amount of mass , the masses even in the slightest amount lately silenced the democratic space in Papua . At the end of this historic building happens that if forced down a peaceful demonstration , then almost all held a peaceful protest ended with the dissolution of force and arrests of human rights activists by police in backing up a joint military and BIN .

In a coordinated national action by SHDRP this time was experiencing the same thing . Party Intelkam Papua Police say that please demonstration alone safely . Turns out it was a trap to catch Br Usman Yogobi and three other colleagues . Papua Police deliberately did not publish STTP on the grounds that the police chief was not in place . That’s a reason that makes no sense and making it up there .

The police did during this clever trick rational . The target is the police arrested the activists and outspoken human rights violations in Papua . Once captured and examined , these are definitely two things happen : if discharged after police inspected , or detained to undergo the legal process .

Under the Papua Police Leadership , Tito Karniavan ( Former Commander of Detachment 88 ) it has closed all democratic space access in Papua . Tito ‘s leadership in the past , many human rights activists who fought peacefully arrested and jailed by arbitrary .

Freedom of expression is one of the most important essence inherent in every human being . Freedom of expression or expression in public is the human rights guaranteed by international law and the 1945 constitution which translated into Submission Law Public Opinion in advance . Every man is free to express their opinions in public in a dignified manner .

Restrictions on the freedom of citizens in the delivery of public opinion is a denial and violation of human rights . Silencing freedom of expression is not bermanusiawi action . Forms is called the Indonesian authorities thuggery . The attitude and actions of the police although one , but this time the police took refuge under the national police institution .

Indonesian police attitudes and actions like this should be opposed by the dignified and authoritative manner by all parties to uphold the noble values ​​, the values ​​of democracy , truth , justice , human rights , honesty , and peace (

The British government recognition of Silencing Freedom of Expression in Papua.
Baroness Warsi , Senior Minister at the Foreign Office recognizes freedom of expression in Papua often silenced . He was also concerned about the heavy sentence often given to Papuan activists held a demonstration in peace .

Restrictions on the right to voice their political opinion ( in Papua ) concerned . Given heavy prison sentences on those who commit acts of peace demosntrasi . I also greatly appreciate the NGOs and their staff who worked tirelessly to defend the prisoners . Religious freedom and freedom of expression have been presented in the Universal Periodic Review ( UPR ) . Invitation to the UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression in order to visit Indonesia is a positive step , and we hope that this visit to be done . ” Said Baroness Warsi , such as the British Parliament in a press release received by Jubi , Friday ( 26 / 07 ) night .

Baroness Warsi admits British government have the same concerns with their high lawmakers . Answering questions MPs Higher addressed to the British government , Warsi acknowledges the access restrictions journalists , NGOs including the International Red Cross organization , to Papua .

” We have raised this issue to the Indonesian government at all levels . When Lord Hannay , reminds us , without open access to Papua , the risk of misreporting or misunderstood incidents will continue to exist . It would be very difficult to verify if an incident Papua remains closed . ” Said the Senior Minister .
Warsi said the British Government condemns all violations of human rights , no matter who the victim . According to him , violations in Papua has been carried out by the security forces as well as by those who claim to be fighting for the rights of the Papuan people . But how to verify the details of each incident that occurs menmang very difficult due to the remoteness of the area .

” We also saw gruesome murder of eight Indonesian military personnel in February this year . And non – ethnic Papuans living in the highlands had been attacked and killed . Also a German tourist was shot in May 2012 . “Added Warsi .
The British government , further Warsi , recognizes that human rights are fundamental rights based on universal values ​​. Even so , the influence of a myriad of social , political and economics often is behind violation of human rights , and it also must be addressed . Therefore , the UK will continue to drive meaningful progress on governance issues , including the full implementation of the special autonomy law for Papua and West Papua (
People of West Papua Expect no incoming Foreign journalists in West Papua to Reveal Different Cases of Human Rights Violations committed by the State against the people of Papua.

We the People of Papua tuned Foreign reporters.  (Telius Yikwa)

Telius Yikwa is a Student, activist and Secretary of the Alliance of Papuan Students of Yogyakarta.

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